Quick Cement

Quick-setting quick cement for indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for fast, reliable, and strong fixings. Especially for the quick installation of gates, fences, flagpole bases, sink brackets, foundation base, well rings, boilers, machines, and various pipelines. Working time is only about 5 minutes. Not for ceramic fixings where there is a risk of cracking.

  • Quick-setting quick cement
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • For fast, reliable, and strong fixings
  • Chlorine-free, alkaline
  • Very fine-grained, maximum particle size 40 µm (micrometers)
  • Recommended to fill in one working stage is 5-8 mm
  • Product is grey when dry
  • Not certified for drinking water, not recommended for the inside of drinking water wells


Koko Väri EAN Koodi
1 kg 6418091282016
6 kg 6418091282061

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